Manage business risks in your palm oil supply chain

The comprehensive, privacy-aware, supply chain monitoring platform

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Everything you need

The complete risk solution

All the data and analytics you need to find and manage your palm oil supply chain risks

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Monthly deforestation monitoring
We detect deforestation inside plots and around mills using advanced forest alert technology
Grievance tracking
Track grievance related to deforestation, land conflicts, labor disputes, and human rights violations grievances linked to your supply chain
News tracking
Analyst-reviewed reports of satellite evidence documenting potential violations of EUDR, NDPE, and certification violations, published every month
View the entire industry with dashboards for major suppliers, traders, and buyers
Non-compliance Evidence
Analyst-reviewed reports of satellite evidence documenting potential violations of EUDR, NDPE, and certification violations, published every month
Privacy features
Securely monitor your private plots and mill lists for deforestation and grievances inside our Portfolio feature

Conduct risk assessments, screen shipments, and prepare due diligence statements with our industry-leading palm oil database

Monitor in confidence

Data security by design

Privacy features to keep your supply chain data secure

Upload a private mill list with volume and supplier information in your secure Portfolio. Portfolio Mill list uploader traces your mills to plots, analyzes deforestation, and links grievances
Plot Check
Check your plots for EUDR compliance deforestation without loading your data onto our server
API access to full database including companies, mills, concessions, grievances, processing facilities, and risk insight reports
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Get started today

With the EUDR going into enforcement in January 2025, there has never been a better time to subscribe.

Subscription Tiers for Everyone


For individuals or small teams                             

  • Full access to mills, plots, grievances, and traceability data
  • Optional Risk Insight report quota


For everyone who does business in the EU

  • Plot Check EUDR compliance checks with EUDR ratings for plots and mills
  • Risk Insight reports with EU forest, conversion, and legality checks

EUDR Operator

The essential service for operators and traders

  • Due Diligence report for submission to the EU
  • Downloadable evidence archive to be kept 5 years
  • Shipment Support and fast turn-around

All the help you need

Help Center
Guides, video tutorials, and webinars help you get started and make the most of the platform and its many powerful features
Dedicated support
Have a question about a feature? Found a bug? Contact us instantly on WhatsApp and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.
Remote and in-person training
Learn the ropes with our experienced training team. They will guide you through the various features, so you get the most out of the platform.
Data services
Need help making or loading a mill list? Turn plot points into plots? We can help you. We offer data support services, so you can analyze your supply chain.