Automated Shipment Checking

Last updated on Jan 23, 2024
Challenge 1: Shipments may have thousands of plots, and need to be checked in a relatively short timeline.

It is important for companies to know there will be no surprises in the supply chain of their EU imports. To the maximum extent possible, EUDR due diligence needs to be ready for any/all plots that could be included in a shipment.

Challenge 2: Most automated services use satellite-based detection algorithms and land classification algorithms, and these are not perfect.

AI and ML based datasets are imperfect. Whether you are using open data, or expensive proprietary solutions, there is always an accuracy rate, always errors where trees are misclassified, tree cover loss is missed due to limitations of satellites etc.

A unique approach with Plot Check monitors thousands of plots for deforestation every month

In Plot Check we are building a database of palm oil locations at risk for EUDR and a pipeline always keeps this database up to date. This will ensure that we are ready to be compared against shipment plot data files. Higher risk cases are always evaluated by analysts and include evidence such as high-resolution satellite imagery.

Plot Check will also automatically recognize plots that have been previously checked, and the associated risk reports that are automatically linked. Most plot boundaries will not change from shipment to shipment. By the end of 2024, our is to build this database before the law is enforced in 2025.

Our plans are evolving rapidly, if we haven't yet briefed you on our EUDR automated workflow diagram and our risk report methodology, please contact us at