Learn about EUDR requirements

Last updated on May 18, 2024

What Geographic Coordinates are Required

  • >4ha = polygons
  • <4ha = lat/lon
  • At least 6 decimal places
  • provided as part of the due diligence submitted to EU information system

What is Required for Every Shipment

  • Geolocation is required for shipment of imports
  • No bulking, mixing, or mass-balance where the origin of some of the product may be unknown

What is a “Plot of Land”

  • Land within a single real estate property (as recognised by the law of the country of production)
  • “Possesses sufficiently homogeneous conditions to allow an evaluation of the aggregate level of risk of deforestation and forest degradation associated with relevant commodities produced on that land

What do to in absence of a land registry / formal title

  • Need a designated de facto plot of land
  • Geolocation from mobile phones is okay
    • Personal information of farmers is not required, just location
  • Operators are legally responsible for correctness
    • regardless of the means or intermediaries they use to collect that information

Can polygons have multiple plots

  • Each polygon should indicate a single plot of land, whether contiguous or not. 
  • A polygon cannot be used to trace the perimeter of a random land area that might include plots of land only in some of its parts.
    • aka “Sufficiently homogeneous”
    • and in absence of a land registry, we still need to define a de facto plot and link farms to it

Article 9 - Information Requirements

  • collect, organise and keep for five years
  • What it is, the quantity, source country, supplier & recipient name and address
  • geolocation of all plots
  • Documentation that it was produced legally
  • Adequately conclusive and verifiable information that the relevant products are deforestation-free

What is the Definition of Forest

Forest = If the woody vegetation has or is expected to surpass 

  • more than 10% canopy cover of tree species 
  • with a height or expected height of 5 m or more

What is the Definition of Deforestation

Deforestation = Conversion of land use from forest to agricultural use

  • planted forests are a agricultural land use
  • Some forms of sustainable timber logging are okay

Article 11 - Risk Mitigation

“taking other measures pertaining to information requirements set out in Article 9”

  • Tools to assess the quality of that information?
  • What are your suppliers not telling you?
  • What other companies are exposed to the same risk?