Plot Check Tool

Last updated on Jan 24, 2024

Plot Check is a tool that analyzes deforestation, overlapping areas, grievances, and traceability to private plot boundaries. It analyzes plot boundaries without the need to share data directly with us, and provides the analytics for EUDR due diligence compliance checks.

Plot Check works in three steps

Step 1: Ask your suppliers for data or match with our plot boundaries


Plot Check is available from's landing page

Most major palm oil producers should be able to provide you with at least industrial plot data for their direct and most of their indirect supply chain. Request the boundaries as a shapefile or geojson - two common spatial file formats. If they only give you points, we can match the points to our global plot database.

Step 2: Use the Plot Check tool


Plot Check builds a dashboard with deforestation statistics, overlapping plots, mills, and grievances

Select the shapefile or geojson on your desktop to start the tool. For privacy, your boundaries are not uploaded to our server. Plots are analyzed for deforestation, grievances, and any overlaps with our plot data. Plot Check displays the results as a dashboard with deforestation statistics, overlapping mills, and expert-reviewed Risk Insights. You can sort and filter the dashboard by dates or alert totals.

Step 3: Review your plots back to the EUDR cutoff

Click on any of your plots on your dashboard and then review monthly alerts using the slider at the bottom of the map. Verify alerts using high resolution base maps and Planet monthly mosaics in the legend. If you need help, our expert analysts can do the check for you.

Try Plot Check now!

Plot Check is available now for all Enterprise, Business, and Producer subscribers. We also offer one month free trials, so please contact us if you would like to give Plot Check and other features a try.