Plot Matching Service

Last updated on May 21, 2024

The problem 

One of the biggest challenges for EUDR is building the database of plot polygon boundary data. 

Most companies have not yet mapped their plots or do not have access to plot maps, particularly for their indirect supply chain. Available data is usually limited to point locations for plantations, estates, and smallholders.

To help you build a plot map, our plot matching service, can help you with the following:

Step 1: Evaluation

We help you evaluate and clean your data. We can check for common coordinate errors, standardize data formats, and prepare data for loading into Plot Check. We can also check if the plot data that you have likely corresponds with your mill list. 

Step 2: Plot Match

We can take the point locations of estates and smallholder locations and match them with our extensive database of plot boundaries.

We can also match locations of dealers and smallholders to jurisdictions and provide advice on creating appropriate monitoring areas. 

If all you have is a mill list, we can start compiling a plot list for you using our eTTP database in

Step 3: Advice

Based on our evaluation and plot matching, we can advise on next steps such as priorities for plot mapping and data. 

Step 4: Conduct Risk Assessment

Once you have a plot map, we can help you evaluate risks with our Risk Assessment Service