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Preparing you for the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR)

Check your boundary data for EUDR deforestation and legality risks using our new Plot Check tool.

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Goal 1: Getting you ready for EUDR

Whether you are a grower, refiner, oleochemical producer, trader, or consumer goods company, Palmoil.io team can help you get started. For all the details, visit our EUDR Help Center.

EUDR Help Center

Goal 2: Trace your entire your supply chain

If you only have a mill list, we can help you trace plots that supply them. If you have georeferenced points of your plots, we can match them to our extensive plot database.

EUDR Help Center

Goal 3: Assess your EUDR Risk

You can check your plots for EUDR deforestation and legality risks using our privacy-aware Plot Check tool. Our Risk Assessment service is tailored to your needs.

EUDR Help Center

Goal 4: Preparing for Compliance

Manage your shipments with our automated shipment checking service. We screen each shipment against our plot registry, checking for deforestation, legality concerns, and outstanding grievances.

EUDR Help Center